Eight Months of Cestodes

If last month was a hard month, this month was two of them.   First the winter weather was very bad, with numerous episodes of ice and snow, and very cold temperatures.  We had to ration our food to get by, because we couldn’t get to the store.  On top of that, everyone in the house got the flu.  My fever was normal at 8 a.m. one day, but by 8 p.m. that evening, it had spiked to 103F.  I don’t believe I’ve had a fever that high since I was a child.   This could be an interesting worm clue for me.  For instance, I have often heard worm hosters say things like, “I hadn’t had a fever in ten years.  But about three months after I began hosting, I had a wicked case of the flu”.   They speculate that their immune system wasn’t functioning right.  It wasn’t mounting a proper response to viruses, until they got all wormed up.   This could be the case for me also.   I don’t often have flus and fevers, and when I do, they are usually more muted affairs.   I can’t recall in the past thirty years when I’ve had a fever over 101F.   Also, my illness perfectly matched that of other household members in time fever lasted, and length of time to full recovery.   My fever was just higher by 1 degree than theirs.   So essentially, I had a very bad, but normal case of the flu.   This is a bit unusual for me, and therefore could be worm related.

     I’d like to add here that, for many years, my sole therapy for the flu was rest, and fasting.  I drink water only until my fever has broken, plus another 24 hours to make sure the fever stays down.   Doing this, I could always lower my suffering quickly, and then break a fever in 3-4 days, making a clean and uncomplicated recovery.   But this time was a little different.  This bug would not go quietly into that good night.  My mother, who was four days ahead of me in the course of the illness(the one who I suspect I caught it from – ahem), fasted also, and it took her a full seven days of fasting to break her fever.   (This was the longest fast my mother had ever undertaken.  My longest fast currently stands at 12 days.)
       Now, while I was fascinated by how rapidly my fever had sky rocketed, I didn’t think it would last very long under the conditions of a fast.  On the contrary !   I also took a full seven of fasting to finally get my fever to submit.   Needless to say, we were both very bedraggled by the time this was over, and then we were snowed in to boot.   Nevertheless, we were able to make fairly clean and uncomplicated recoveries, without any recourse to a physician.
     In regards to my worm dosing, I ended up taking 90 HDC’s in the month.   I consulted my provider about my fast, and they didn’t think the HDC would live much over two days under the conditions of a fast, as the HDC’s need dietary carbohydrates in order to survive.  So, I had to reorder my worms mid-month.   Thankfully, my new order came just in time for me to begin refeeding.
     So, I took 30 HDC’s two days before I got sick.  Then, I had a fever for seven days, while also fasting.  Then, I took 30 HDC’s a day after I broke my fast.   With all that jerking around, my poor body probably doesn’t have a clue what just happened to it.  But , we survived it all, and I kept right on taking my worms.   I guess we’ll see what grand adventures the next month holds.
     The journey continues.
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