Nine Months of Cestodes

I’m very pleased to report that, nothing much happened in the month of March.  My health was steady without anything remarkable to report.  After the last two months, this was welcome relief, and a feat I hope to repeat in April.   My worm dose in March was 30 + 30 HDC.  I have been on this same dose for 3.5 months now (if you consider the mix up in January a 1/2 dose month).  I plan to continue the same dose again in April.

    I have noticed in the last few weeks that my food sensitivities have been slightly less severe than in previous years.  I have a “safe” diet of foods that I do not react as much too, which I normally subsist upon.   But in the last two years, even my safe diet was becoming increasingly less safe.  I spent many days reacting to even my safe foods with the perpetual feeling of nails on a chalkboard raking over me.   I spent all of 2013 desperately trying to find proper medications to make my life more tolerable.  Unfortunately, I failed on all the best medications for my case, these including: Chromolyn Sodium, Ketotifen, and Rupatadine.   Only the illegal herbs relieved my sufferings.  But I am too pretty to go to jail, and too ill to seek asylum in a more enlightened climate.

      It has been my great hope that the worms would heal me of my food and chemical sensitivities, as they have for many others, and even a slight nudge in that direction is welcome.   However, I must hasten to add I am in no way yet able to eat as I would like.   A mid-month foray into forbidden foods smacked me down, and hard.   So, I must content myself with my situation at present, and bide my time until there hopefully arrives a better day.

The journey continues

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4 Responses to Nine Months of Cestodes

  1. esmeelafleur says:

    We must find a way to bring Tennessee into the 21st century. ;o) Peace & Love Brother

  2. zippy890 says:

    But we liketh not the 21st Century. We prefer the 19th Century ! 😉

  3. kalofarm says:

    Why not just eat raw meat? Obviously, using even a small amount of logic, I can see how that route would be far less controlled, safe, etc. But I’m more asking because I’m sure you have done your research. Could raw, pastured pork supply the good guys?

    • zippy890 says:

      Thank you for the question. The short answer is, the parasites you could theoretically pick up by eating raw meat, like tapeworms and Trichinella, while having some desirable therapeutic properties, also carry increased undesirable side effects. The four species currently used in helminthic therapy, Necator Americanus, Trichuris Trichiura, Trichuris Suis, and Hymenolepis Diminuta, generally have a number of traits that make them more desirable as therapeutic agents. The infections can be easily titrated in each patient. They have more manageable side effect profiles. They won’t result in personal embarrassment (like a tapeworm proglottid). And it is difficult for other people to catch them from you under normal conditions of sanitation, in a developed, western country. Please see my October 8, 2014 post, “ES-62 and other thoughts” to get more an idea of such things.
      Best regards, and thank you again for the question.

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