Eleven Months of Cestodes

My eleventh month of infecting myself with rat tapeworms was fair overall.   Rheumatic hip pain lurked everyday, but did not attack.   All gains and losses pretty much stayed constant from last month.  My dose was 30 + 30 HDC (Hymenolepis Diminuta Cysticercoids, aka rat tapeworm eggs).

     In fact, the biggest thing that happened to me during this period was a hand injury.   I took seven stiches in the tip of one of my fingers.   Yes, it hurt.   The bright spot of it all was that I was able to avoid taking my script of oral antibiotics by employing my usual blunt, but effective, tool of fasting.   I fasted five and one half days, until I felt most of the risk of infection had passed.   Things went pretty well, and I was able to time out my worm doses to fit this schedule (recalling that a fast of more than 24 – 48 hours will likely kill rat tapeworms, as they need dietary carbohydrate to survive).

     The downside of my injury was submitting to a DTP “tetanus” vaccine.  I was decades out of date on my tetanus shots, and at the urgings of family and friends, I submitted to a dose of vaccine + thimerosal.   I honestly haven’t felt quite right since then.   I’ve had more fatigue, more joint pain, and more signs of immune activation.   But what is a boy to do ?   It’s trading one neurotoxin for another.   Tetanus is a fearsome neurotoxin in its own right, and I felt like I had tempted fate long enough with various injuries over the years.   I was glad, at least, to be wormed up before the vaccine.  If vaccines are the gas pedal of the immune system, then worms can be seen as the brakes.

     I will continue with a 30 + 30 dose for the near future, but something is going to have to change.   While I have made small improvements in my health, it is not nearly enough.   I sense that I have plateaued with this dose of worms and need to do something different.

The journey continues.


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