Twelve Months of Cestodes

My, how time flys.   It has been one year since my first (known) dose of parasites ever.  Sadly, I haven’t made the type of progress that I would have liked with my major symptoms.   On the other hand, I have seen some very interesting small signs of progress, and best of all I have tolerated the rat tapeworms fairly well overall.   Just tolerating the HDC was really an amazing stroke of good fortune for me, due to my extreme sensitivities.   However, there seems to be some negative effects that shouldn’t be overlooked, also.

       First, the small signs of progress: I have seen an elimination of long standing ankle and foot edema, elimination of “rust” color on my feet and shins (probably iron depositing in the skin from dying red blood cells),  a partial reversal of alopecia on my lower legs,  less intestinal distress, less joint pain in fingers, and a small reduction in burning skin (esp. on my safe diet).

       But there have been some negative effects too.  I still seem to have increased fatigue, large joint pain, and increasing exercise intolerance.  The fatigue and exercise intolerance are getting worrisome, frankly.  I now get muscle soreness from a distressingly small amount of activity.

       My problem with rheumatic hip pain is puzzling.   I think it is better.   I rarely get acute attacks of crippling pain now.   But I have diffuse pain nearly all of the time.   So, I am not sure if it is better, or worse ?

       One positive sign I have not mentioned thus far has to do with my passionate parts.  Yes, my wobblies.   For several years, I have noticed that my testicles were getting smaller and lighter.  I did not like it, but wrote it off as a natural consequence of aging.  Almost immediately, after I began taking worms, this situation began to reverse.   My testicles began to grow and grow, getting heavier, and heavier.  Now, I haven’t been weighing them on the bathroom scale, and keeping a chart of their progress, mind you.  It’s just something a feller notices.   Anyway, now they are a normal size, like when I was younger,  my “reproductive health” has increased significantly.    Quite interesting.   In fact, this study of male chimpanzees seemed to chime in with this observation, indicating that the alpha male chimpanzee had higher levels of testosterone, and interestingly enough, also higher levels of intestinal worms.    So, we may fairly wonder, do worms actually make the man ?

      Going forward:   As I said, I haven’t made the progress I had hoped for so far.  But, in fairness, my health really was beginning to spin out of control when I started the worms.   The worms may have merely snatched me from going over the edge into a very bad place.   I don’t know.   What I do know is that so far, I am happy to be wormed up.   And barring any unforeseen consequences, I plan to be wormed up for many years to come.   I like being wormy.  I think “hosting” is a healthy lifestyle choice.

       My immediate plans for the future are to begin increasing my HDC dose with an eye towards achieving a 60 + 60 dose in a few months (double my current dose).   A number of people with autoimmune conditions take a 60 + 60 dose of HDC, and I believe a component of my illness is autoimmune in nature.   What I will be looking for mainly is to see if I can really put a dent in my burning skin, and be able to expand my restricted diet.   That would be a enormous improvement for me.

The journey continues.

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7 Responses to Twelve Months of Cestodes

  1. esmeelafleur says:

    Nice summary. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Sarah says:

    Agreed. Really interesting. Thanks for the update.

  3. Bernhard Rohrbeck says:

    Interesting results. One entry before you write about fasting when being in danger of an infection. Sounds very logic. The immune system having spare time then and working at possible intruders?

    We have given up on that path of HDC, after 4 months I believe. Did not seem to make any difference. April we started ZC, went very well for three months and 2 weeks. Then a sharp drop in whatever it did before. Added a ten day fast, out of desperation really, on day 11 needed to end the fast as general condition was getting worse.
    There is something to the ZC. Did it myself also, noticed numerous changes all over, also pains developing quite strongly, then going away for good, most amazing is “healing” back pains, joints, teeth, skin and so on. Slowly feeding back up, added “light” vegetables back in for now, appear well better tolerated than before.
    Adding bone broth really seems to be important.

    • zippy890 says:

      Thank you, Bernhard. I like your posts on Principia. Kudos to you for giving HDC a try. 4 months is perhaps not a long enough trial period, however. Some have not seen benefits with helminthes until after 18 months (probably 12 months is the limit of a trial with a full dose of HDC). And there are other helminthes to explore, esp. hookworms, though hookworms are probably a step up in intensity on all fronts. If you had a bad rx to hookworms, it might be a little harder to back out of the therapy. Thanks again, and good luck to you and your wife on your journey towards better health.

    • esmeelafleur says:

      I am sorry to hear that you wife’s improvements have not continued with Zero Carb. I hope you check in with me from time to time and let me know what you learn and discover. We all appreciate your presence in Principia regardless of the success of the diet for your wife. Much love, Esmée

  4. Karl says:

    Hello zippy890,

    thank you for this great blog and giving insight into your experiment!

    I have a question:

    You say that one major side effect is fatigue and exercise intolerance. For me this sounds like really major negative effects and ask myself if the smaller positive changes could outweigh this side effect?

    Could you describe it more?

    What was you able to do before taking HDC and how was your fatiguelevel before? And how did that change?

    Being able to exercise is the most important symptomatic treatment (and likely also little against the cause) at this moment for me. I could tolerate if I would be unable to exercise after each increase of a dose for example or a few weeks after starting the therapy, but if this is an ongoing side effect, this would be a nogo for me personal.

    What happens if you exercise? You get the flu or something like that?

    I read that introducing hookworms could reactivate viral infections during the first months. Maybe that is the reason? But then this should have subsided after a few months in your case 😦

    I hope you will get more positive results!


    • zippy890 says:


      You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I have no good answer to your questions. I was able to do more before taking HDC. But, I couldn’t do a lot more. My case is complicated by mast cells, and I also have chronic fatigue syndrome. So, I’m willing to give up some capacity to be active now, hopefully in exchange for a bigger pay off later on. If I “do too much”, I get inordinate muscle soreness, and or, joint pain, at present. But it is variable. Some days I can get away with more. Some days less. The greatest difficulty is the unpredictability of it. Too, I have gone very slowly in building my dosing. Again, I did this due to the great sensitivity of my case. Others have progressed in building their doses much more quickly.
      I’ve too have read about hookworms possibly reactivating viruses at first. I don’t know the answer. I can only try to accurately report about what I am experiencing in my case. Your response to HDC might be totally different than mine. Though, it is common to go through an “adaptation phase” with increased symptoms, before transitioning to a more stable relationship with worms.
      In short, I would reluctantly give up an opportunity for a more active lifestyle, in exchange, for the elimination of my other major symptoms. I would do this reluctantly, but I would do it. I don’t believe those are my choices, however.

      Thanks for your interest, and well wishes.

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